Purpose, Values, and Objectives


The purpose of the Apollonia Foundation is to strengthen local community building efforts in Gevgelija and across Macedonia.


Apollonia Foundation values underpin the institution. These values are:

    • Compassion for all walks of life.
    • Dedication to and persistence in improving quality of life for residents of South-Eastern Macedonia.
    • An obligation to promoting equality and inclusion for all members of society.
    • A demonstrated willingness to provide opportunities to serve and to promote volunteerism.
    • A commitment to Increasing collaboration between relevant public and private institutions.
    • A desire to empower local residents to improve their lives.


In support of its purposes and values the Apollonia Foundation has set objectives in the following areas of focus.


The Foundation seeks to:

    • Provide educational opportunities in a diverse range of subject areas to inhabitants of the south-eastern Macedonia region. Areas would include career development, volunteerism, English language, environmental awareness, teacher training for working with special needs individuals, and capacity building non-profits.

Protecting the Environment

The Foundation seeks to:

    • Promote environmental awareness at the local level through an educational program for children and youth, and annual seminars and forums for organizations.

Art and Culture

The Foundation seeks to:

    • Increase cultural education and local citizens’ awareness of art, music, literature, and poetry through the funding and organization of annual art communes, exhibitions, concerts and other events.


The Foundation seeks to:

    • Actively involve youth actively in community engagement in the Gevgelija region through volunteerism and the mastery of job skills.
    • Offer a diverse range of volunteer and personal development opportunities for youth in Gevgelija.

The Rights of Children and Others With Special Needs

The Foundation seeks to:

    • Increase the social integration and development of children with special needs in four municipalities in southeastern Macedonia: name the municipalities
    • Increase the awareness, visibility, and acceptance of children with special needs as part of school system and community programs by promoting early recognition of sensory problems in kindergarten, enabling sensory therapy for children with special needs, and enabling conditions for rehabilitation of young adults with disabilities.
    • Increase the capacity for working with children with special needs for teachers from primary schools, kindergartens, parents, and youth development professionals from the municipalities listed above.
    • Provide therapy that will facilitate healing and allow special needs participants to have a voice in telling a story; discovering their individual style; and improving their motor, socialization, and peer interaction skills.
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