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Apollonia Partners understand there are no silver bullets when it comes to effecting change in the community. Together we are a community of businesses and institutions who believe there’s a better way and are working together to improve the community as responsible world citizens.

Since it was created in 2007 by the Apollonia Group, the Apollonia Foundation has supported efforts in the community that improve the quality of life and provide better opportunities to its inhabitants. Much of this work would not be possible if not for the support of local business, NGOs, the European Union, and the Macedonian government. We are grateful for their support of our vision and mission.

Local Businesses Who Continually Support Our Charitable Activities Throughout the Year

VORI – GevgelijaVori
VORI is a factory for fruit and vegetable processing. VORI Ltd. has operated successfully as privately owned company since its establishment in 1990. Its headquarters and production facilities are near Gevgelija.


Solun 53 – Gevgelija53
Gevgelija, Talja Bikova b.b.

Ruse Komerc – Gevgelijalogo-ruse


Pascalin Company – Gevgeljapascalin coffee
Pascalin Company is an import export trading company The imports of raw coffee and exports processed coffee of coffee (frying, grinding, packing) and main product is “Pascalin Coffee”.


Janev Company


Vidz Dooel Company


Veterinar – Gevgelija


Apollonia ClubPrint
Apollonia Club has operated the Hotel & Casino in Gevgelija since 1984. Under Swedish ownership, they have created a friendly and cozy atmosphere with  impeccable service with a smile that will win you over from the moment of your arrival. The Apollonia Club had provided significant sponsorship to realize the mission of the Apollonia Foundation. They provide the support of staff, meeting rooms, conference space, donations of food and drink, and transportation to support the activities of the Foundation. The Apollonia Club believes that this support is part of their corporate social responsibility to the community of Gevgelija.


Non-Government Organizations and Foundations

Peace Corps Macedoniapeacecorps
Peace Corps is a civilian organization that is sponsored by the United States government. The organization assists people in developing countries, upon invitation from the countries, by providing volunteers to assist in orgranizations and schools. Peace Corps has been working in Macedonia since 1996, and has been working with Apollonia Foundation since 2010.


The Institute for the Study of European Small States (ISESS)ISESS LOGO LONG Small
ISESS partners with the Apollonia Foundation in order to bring together the resources and expertise needed to build capacity in the European Small States.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provides foreign aid and program assistance to over 100 different countries. USAID has provided funding for Apollonia Foundation’s Volunteer Resource Center through a generous grant.


Friends of Macedoniafriends
Friends of Macedonia is a non-profit organization composed of former Peace Corps volunteers who have served in Macedonia. Their goal is to be a bridge between the Macedonian and American people through information and services that promote democracy, civil society, a sustainable market economy, and respect for diversity and human rights. Friends of Macedonia has provided Apollonia Foundation with a grant to benefit an art therapy program for children with special needs in Gevgelija.


Governmental Agencies

The Government of the City of Gevgelijacity


Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedoniaculture


The European External Action Service (EEAS)EEA
The European External Action Service (EEAS) in the Foreign relations arm of the EU. In addition to bilateral relations with countries and regions in all continents, the EU also operates delegations in all corners of the world. A network of 139 EU delegations and offices are the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the European Union vis-à-vis the authorities and the population in their host countries. The EEAS (European External Action Service)

Partner Organizations for the Volunteer Resource Center Initiative

The Vlado Kantardziev Primary School in Gevgelija


The Krste misirkov Primary School in Gevgelija
ОУ “Крсте Петков Мисирков” – Гевгелија


The Josif Josifovski High School Gevgelija
СОУ „Јосиф Јосифовски“ – Гевгелија 


Intermunicipality Center for Social Work
ју меѓуопштински центар за социјална работа


City Library “Goce Delcev” Gevgelija
Библиотека ,,Гоце Делчев” Гевгелија


Gevgelija MuseumGevgelija Museum


Negorski Spanegorci-logo
The Negorsci  Spa is a center for prolonged treatment and rehabilitation.


Nov Dom Nov Dom
Construction company.
Трговско друштво за проектирње и грдење Нов Дом

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