Volunteer Resource Center in Gevgelija

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The Apollonia Foundation and the NGO Puzzle have recently received a Small Project Assistance grant from USAID to open a Volunteer Resource Center for youth in Gevgelija. This grant was made possible through the efforts of Peace Corps volunteers Jenny Upton and Terri Jones.

The Volunteer Resource Center will create a volunteering program for youth aged 15-29 in the Gevgelija municipality. As well as promoting volunteerism in the community, the Center will assist volunteers in gaining work experience, and valuable knowledge and skills to enrich their CV, make them better job candidates, and assist them in determining their future professions. It is the aim of this project to assist in decreasing unemployment in Gevgelija-in addition to providing a location for organizations and NGOs to access volunteers. The foundation will provide technical and operational support to the center as well as linking volunteers and companies. The Center will also provide seminars to develop each volunteer professionally, with topics including writing a CV/resume, writing a cover letter, utilizing the Internet to find jobs and job training, how to handle stress in the workplace, and public speaking.


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