Nature Day Program

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Each week, children from Gevgelija and local areas participate in the Apollonia Foundation “Nature Day” environmental program. Climbing the top of Kozuf mountain, planting flowers, water testing of the Vardar River, clean-up events, learning about recycling, and visiting local factories and farms are just some of the activities children take part in. Twice a year, 24 children enjoy Nature Day as part of “Tree Day – Plant Your Future,” while each year children take part in “Let’s Do It World!” often partnering with local groups such as the “Kozuf” Mountain Club to clean illegal landfills and collect waste. This Program is designed to provide access to the natural areas surrounding the community of Gevgelija to the children of the community who might otherwise not be able to participate in such excursions. The Program also is designed to educate the children about preservation of the environment. This Program is also integrated with other Apollonia Foundation Programs relating to the social inclusion of Children with Special Needs.

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