Apollonia Jazz Workshop brings NYC Jazz Improvisation to Students in Skopje

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Jazz Workshop POSTER BLUE copyOctober 18th and 19th, 2014

Apollonia Foundation is collaborating with the New York Jazz Workshop Music School, the Institute for the Study of European Small States, and the Skopje Jazz Festival to bring the American jazz experience to Skopje, Macedonia in the form of a jazz “atelier”, the “Apollonia Jazz Workshop” to be held at the small hall of the Faculty for music in Skopje, Macedonia on October 18th and 19th, 2014.

The jazz workshop is the first of a series from the “Apollonia Jazz Project”; a series of events designed to provide firsthand, guided encounters for these groups with the original American art form jazz music. The Initiative is built around the theme of “connection through participation”.

This year the Apollonia Jazz Project will consist of a two-day seminar, workshop, and performances led by Marc Mommaas of the New York Jazz Workshop (NYJW). The NYJW is a community-based jazz music school located in New York City established by Mr. Mommaas along with jazz entrepreneur Marco Chelo.

This workshop offers local communities an opportunity to discover, on a one-on-one basis, a pre-eminent example of the rich and diverse modes of expression that have shaped American culture; the quintessentially American art form of jazz. Mr. Mommaas has developed Apollonia Jazz Workshop to introduce interested Macedonian music students and the public to his particular style of American style jazz improvisation and and theory and we provide students with the vocabulary and understanding of jazz music theory that is needed to begin improvising with conviction and musicianship. Students who have little or a great deal of exposure to Jazz history and theory will gain valuable experience playing with the professionals participating in this event. Together they will explore different jazz harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements through the use of group improvisation and standard melodies and progressions.

The Workshop is also partnering with the Skopje Jazz Festival and coincides with the Festivals run from  October 16ththrough 19th at various location throughout Skopje. The Skopje Jazz Festival is one of the leading music events in the Republic of Macedonia with a tradition spanning thirty-two years. The Festival, established in 1982, includes performances by top talent in the North American, Latin-American, African,  and European jazz scene. The Skopje Jazz Festival is a member of the Europe Jazz Network.

The event is free and open to the public. As spaces are limited you are requested to reserve a space by contacting the Apollonia Foundation Gevgelija by telephone at +389 (0)34 211 911 or by email at fondacija@apollonia.com.mk . Spaces are alotted on a first come basis.

For more information you can read the workshop schedule, Mr. Mommass bigraphy and the press relese.

Schedule – Apollonia Jazz Workshopx


Mr. Marc Mommaas – Biography

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